Alcohol / Substance Abuse Counseling

How do I know if I need help? Take this simple quiz:

  1. Have you used drugs other than those required for medicinal reasons?
  2. Have you used prescription drugs at higher doses than recommended or needed to obtain a new prescription before the due date?
  3.  Do you use more than one drug at a time?
  4. Can you get through the week without using drugs?
  5. Are you always able to stop using drugs when you want to?
  6. Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug use?
  7. Have you been in trouble at work because of drug use?
  8. Has drug use created problems between you and your spouse or your parents?
  9. Have you gotten into fights when under the influence of drugs?
  10. Have you gone to anyone for help for a drug problem?

 If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, consider calling me:

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Stopping alcohol and drug use is a major accomplishment for anyone! Going into Detox is a big first step but for most people it isn’t enough.  Ongoing factors like life stress, home environments and social networks can all play a role in relapse. Counseling helps people develop skills to manage cravings and cope with life without having to return to drug or alcohol use.

I’m also able to help people who have issues that coexist with their addiction like trauma, depression or anxiety.  We can work on all issues at the same time, which is far more effective. We also focus on building skills to maintain recovery after counseling is completed.

If you or someone you know needs drug or alcohol counseling in the Western New York area (or beyond), please give me a call to schedule an appointment or submit the contact form on this page so I can reach out to you.

You or someone you love do not need to go through this alone. My services are provided solely via telehealth so you can get help from the safety, privacy, confidentiality and comfort of your own home.  As a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, I can help you overcome your addiction and take back control of your life!