Therapy & Counseling Sessions

What to expect in a counseling session:

You have already made the first connection by exploring this website. Once we make an appointment you can check in for your sessions right from here! Make sure you have a stable internet connection and I will start the call at your appointment time. It’s that easy?

What happens next?

  • I will try and understand what brought you to see me
  • I may ask questions to understand some of your history and how it relates to what’s happening now
  • Try to be open and honest when you answer any questions. I’m not here to judge you. I’m trying to understand your experience.
  • Please ask questions if you have them; about the what’s happening or what to expect. I’m happy to repeat anything you don’t understand and this will only make you more comfortable with counseling.
  • Remember therapy isn’t a quick fix for all problems. Its is a process, but with a collaborative effort it can be a strong tool for resolving your concerns.