Are you suffering from Trauma?

Over the last 2 years I’ve spent a lot time working towards certification in EMDR.  It’s a very specialized mode of therapy that helps people who have experienced trauma in their lives. I know what you’re thinking. That won’t help me because I’ve never had any “trauma.” Sure I’m anxious or I’ve had a few bad things happen, etc., but nothing I’d call “trauma.”

Well, the definition of trauma is broad and although people often think about trauma as something like having an accident, being a crime victim, losing a loved one, fighting in war, etc., it can include other things.

Did you know that repeated experiences where you feel unsafe or threatened are also trauma? This includes child abuse, neglect, abusive relationships, and bullying. In addition, using alcohol and/or drugs and the lifestyle that accompanies substance use are also connected to trauma.

EMDR can help people with PTSD, Panic, Anxiety, Addiction and Abuse issues, to name a few. I’ve seen the results in my own practice! It’s being involved in this process and witnessing people feeling better that kept me motivated to complete the certification process.

I look forward to sharing this knowledge and skill with you! Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions and to set up an appointment! 716-572-8677!

Looking forward to hearing  from you soon!

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